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Lickety Split smut zine !!!

Hey there,

Amber here. OK, so Lickety Split, a zine I founded back in 2004, is launching its first issue under a new group of fabulous folks this evening at Il Motore. You should come/cum cuz it’s gonna be amazing! Here’s what the lovely Lina Harper had to write about it in the Montreal Mirror (pretty much summed it all up!):

After a year and a half of fundraising, Lickety Split Smut Zine is finally going to press with its eighth issue.

Lickety Split editor-in-chief Sarah Beall says Issue 8 took a little longer to come to fruition, essentially because of a changeover in editorial control—Beall was appointed when founder Amber Goodwyn left to pursue a career as a musician in local band Nightwood. This Friday, the launch party celebrates the Work Issue—a collection of writing, photography and art that takes a look at sex work and workers, the Save the Main coalition and power relations in the workplace, topping it all off with a naughty librarian photo shoot.

“Smut is porn,” Beall helpfully explains. “Originally, the zine was set up to set us apart from regular porn. We just wanted to set up an alternative space where artists have complete control of their representation.”

The event features bands Mixylodian, UN and Supr Fossl Powr as well as burlesque acts by Glam Gam Productions, a dirty photo booth and a DJ set. Doors open at 9 p.m. at Il Motore (179 Jean-Talon W.), and the $8 cover charge gets you a copy of the zine.

Lickety Split ladies by Sharon Davies

PS: More about Caravan, the tour zine, by Sunday!

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