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We had a lovely time last week at The Music Gallery in Toronto with Cigarettes and Loom. Like good tourists, we snapped photos of the artist friendly venue to share with ya. Apologies to those who were planning on going to our show here in Montreal on Sunday, which we had to cancel due to illness!


Wonderful filmmaker & artist

Gotta love those squat Anglican churches!


Knights are so classic rock.

Psychedelic church art




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The boat shall rock!

Poster for out Tronna show next Tuesday!

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Erin looks ridiculously fierce in this photo by Alisa Dyson for Guttersnipe. (Winnipeg 2010)

Ottawa! It’s been a long time. Last time we were through we didn’t play a rock show proper, but we did do a semi-acoustic session with your friends over at Bands Undone.

Toronto! We can’t get enough of ya. Come on out to the show and bring all your dance-loving buds cuz we’re playing with some excellent DJs and we’re the lone band on the bill. (E-mail us to get guest listed!)
  • Saturday August 7th @ Toronto, ON – THE MOD CLUB (722 College Street)

Download our new single (free this week!), drop by the show for our record and new tour zine Caravan. We hope to see you at the shows!

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Tour poster! Silkscreened!

The recession has hit industries hard all across Canada. Indie rock is no exception. To pool resources and lower costs, we have agreed to tour with Toronto’s Modernboys Moderngirls in Ontario and Quebec. To console oursleves, Nightwood will be tour blogging here and on Indyish.com while on the road!

Jan 14 @ Jimmy Jazz, GUELPH, ON
Jan 15 @ Phog Lounge, WINDSOR, ON
Jan 16 @ Call the Office, LONDON, ON
Jan 17 @ Mansion, KINGSTON, ON (Nightwood only – Produced by YGK Productions, CFRC and Exclaim!)
Jan 18 @ Bands Undone, OTTAWA, ON (Nightwood only/WEB ONLY event)
Jan 19 @ The Horseshoe, TORONTO, ON (Nightwood only)
Jan 21 @ Divan Orange, MONTREAL, QC (+ guests, co-produced by Passovah Productions and CKUT 90.3FM)
Jan 23 @ Mod Club, TORONTO, ON (MBMG only)
Feb 5 @ Montreal House, PETERBOROUGH, ON
Feb 6 @ Café Dekcuf, OTTAWA, ON

Nightwood and Modernboys Moderngirls both share a DIY attitude to recording, touring and releasing music. We’ve also both recently released debut full-length albums (Carta Marina and I Might As Well Break It respectively).

This is no friendship wagon, however. Each band has promised to out perform the other nightly. This is Montreal vs.Toronto – a rivalry rooted in Canadian tradition. Every city, every venue – hometown pride will be at stake. Trash talking and dirty tricks are in, leaving unscathed is not. The bands will drink, they will play, we will travel together, and eventually, will very likely be embarrassed by the video and photo evidence of our tour together.

There is some light in these dark times: we are pleased to announce the pleasure we take in swinging first in the ring with the release of our new music video for the song The Bright Girls of Summer!

Your know us, of course, so here’s a bit about the other band:
MODERNBOYS MODERNGIRLS (Akira Alemany, Brett Millius, Juan Carlos Rivas) songs and shows combine punk and soul music. The band released their highly praised debut album I Might As Well Break It this past September with distribution from Fontana North. The band has built upon rave reviews for their live performances at showcase in the past year at Edgefest, NXNE, Halifax Pop Explosion, as well as their debut shows in NYC. Modernboys Moderngirls will be recording several new singles as well as producing their first music video this winter.

RSVP to the Tour Facebook Event!

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“I’m on a boat, motherfucker!” (source)

Photos by Alex C., a talented friend of the amazing band The Balconies! We shared the stage with them at The Boat (Toronto) this past Sunday night. Psssst: there will be  a Balconies show in Montreal…more soon…but do book off Monday night for some amazingness.

Erin, with her Dean, making the Flying V look awesome again!

Erin, with her Dean, making the Flying V look awesome again!


Amber, making Spock ears look cool again, after loading up Gonzo (the car) post-show.


Carta Marina is now available through the amazing indie network Indyish, based here in Montreal! Check it.

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Sarah and Lara at the Bata Shoe Musuem for the Sole(D) Out launch party for Worn Fashion Journal

Sarah and Lara at the Bata Shoe Musuem for the Sole(D) Out launch party for Worn Fashion Journal

Goodness! The Worn Fashion Journal launch in Toronto looks like it was amazing! The latest ish’ of Worn is entirely shoe themed and so those smart Worn ladies hooked up a launch party at the Bata Shoe Museum in Tronna, complete with an auction of Keds reinterpreted by different artist/designer types and an accompanying Worn-curated Art and Sole exhibition. Awesome!

But no matter how incredibly chic and savvy those folks get, they do have the time and sense of humour to indulge in some shoe puns on their website. Check out these newly revamped song titles care of the Worn crew:

Never Gonna Give Shoe Up
Say Shoe, Say Me
I Want Shoe To Want Me
Shoe’s Come Undone
Shoe Can’t Always Get What Shoe Want
I Get a Kick Out of Shoe
I’ve Got Shoe Under My Shin


Speaking of song titles and titles in general by extension, we think we might have chosen our album title! But we’re gonna keep it hush-hush for now.

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Pre-show and wigging out at Steve's house in K/W.

Pre-show and wigging out at Steve's in K/W.

Why bother with clearly constructed and well-articulated paragraphs when describing a mini-tour? These journeys are restless, uncouth and harmless. As per our first tour diary back in May, we prefer to use keywords and stream of consciousness methods to describe our sometimes-foggy impressions of our trip next door (Ontario) with Parlovr. We apologize if it sometimes sounds like boring scribbles in the back of someone’s grade 9 yearbook! For more photos, check out our Flickr page.


KEYWORDS: Unnecessary anxiety about tardy leaving time, Erin: “Is that JUST a bridge???” Amber: “No, it’s a metaphor”, sad goodbyes and puppy eyes (from Elliot and Chester the doggies), DJ Goodwyn on the car tape deck, highway driving = zen, returning to the lovely town of Peterborough, The Spill, Nick the bar master and sound man, a ginger-haired karate-guy, meeting a drunk Sean Connery-I-mean-Conway, lending him Erin’s Dean and a pick, Rockenspiel (whose name is Mike), Eric playing tambourine in the street, wrangling pretty passerby to come into the venue, “paddywhacking” Conway’s newly 17 year old ass on stage after a birthday serenade, house parties and bottle-tossing, Eric realizing he’s at a party with people half his age, a po-po intervention and street clean-up, birthday cake. Oh yes, and pizza dropped in the middle of the street and generous Mimi, sharing a bedroom with Parlovr and practicing some minor leg wrestling moves.

Amber, Sean and Alex at The Spill.

Amber, Sean and Alex at The Spill.


Hangovers, fucking worst breakfast of our lives, an hour walk-about-town to find wax for Jeremy, defending the term “partner” to the dark-haired third of Parlovr, shipping keys home to a distressed and pregnant wife, driving to the T-Dot, Amber confusing East with West, dead car remote, us being chill anyway sort of, Come As You Are, awesome Korean food on Queen Street West (or was that East?), Tiger Bar, Silver Dollar, klezmer music, meeting the legendary Dan Burke (sort of), Lauren Schreiber, hitting the stage at 1am, hecklers, spitting water, knocking over drum kit, dancing Dan Burke, Bella Clava, Dana and Bonnie, nightcap in Mississauga.

Signing the hecklers "tits".

Signing the heckler's tits.


Bush-isms, Eric’s old man Andy Rooney book, shooting the shit with the Lapointes, Grist Mill, awesome and dry venue, all ages show, Green Party candidate Q & A, Jeff and Owen from the Trepid House, peeing in the bushes, air-drying, super supportive community, tour of the Trepid House, dead babies and coat hangers, music talks, gun-toting 13 year-olds with jerry cans of gas + single match, wild laughter, found out that our Brantford show is canceled, Jeff immediately finding us a house party to play at instead, Eric almost killing Amber then saving her life, gyros and Ontario poutine.

Grist Mill, Interior, Daylight.

Scene: Grist Mill, Interior, Daylight.


Chillaxing in downtown K/W, organic food, animatronic dinosaurs, NDP indie rock posters, running into a dude in a Nightwood shirt (yeah!!), pawn shop trawling, trying out bass guitars, wig and black rose buying, plastic thorns, swimming with the superintendants daughter, mullets, awesome venue/Steve’s house, bomb shelter stylings, Nightwood/Parlovr/Music Box last minute show, so fun, another run-in with the po-po, trying to find the highway and getting lost.

Parlovr rocking it at the house party. Thanks Jeff and Steve!

Parlovr rocking it at the house party. Thanks Jeff and Steve!

Day 5: Driving back to Montreal, bitches.

Partners, animals, dayjobs and madness on the horizon. Erin hates Prince. What the fuck?

This is actually from the trip to Peterborough.

This is actually from the trip to Peterborough.

GENERAL: Leg wrestling, police fucken everywhere, roving groups of young people at night, touring with hott men, Erin cussing out other cars,  telling Mr. Lapointe to “put your hands on the wheel, AT LEAST when we’re on the highway!”, listening to mix CDs from old friends + lots of 90’s music.

We conquered Ontario, once more.

We conquered Ontario, once more.


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