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Sick Friend are unintentionally elusive, having worked intensely on an album’s worth of tunes over the past year only to throw them out in order to re-record them next month! But here they are, as part of the March Montreal Sessions. They played an excellent live set, which you can listen to below, and then stuck around to answer some of our questions.

In the first hour of the show we DJed an almost all-Canadian set including tunes from Brave Radar, Parlovr, The Besnard Lakes, Coulees, Starvin’ Hungry, Braids, Shapes & Sizes, Lhasa, Maximilien Bouchard and lots more! Have a listen to the whole show in the CKUT archives (March 22nd 2011).

Next week’s show is our last as hosts of the March edition of the CKUT Montreal Sessions and we’ll be the band featured. Do tune in on the 29th between 3-5pm to have a listen! We’ll be playing lots of our new tunes and the like- we’re so excited!


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Untitled, from Open Spaces (1977)

Untitled, from Gallimaufry Longspoon Press, 1981

Epigone from Epeirogeny from The Fells of Brightness Second Volume: Wenkchemna, Longspoon Press, 1985

Untitled, from Open Spaces, Peter Whyte Gallery, 1977

While we scribble away at lyrics and scratch at guitar strings and thud drums, there has is some time to investigate other art that inspires us. In this case, Jon Whyte‘s visual poems. We first discovered Jon Whyte’s writing in A/Long Prairie Lines: An Anthology of Long Prairie Poems and we’ve quoted one of his poems in our post Pile of Bones. It’s neat to see the words become almost sculptural on the page (or screen) sorta how the words in songs become something else when set to music.


Some more beauty! Parlovr have a proper music video now, care of a whole bunch of pals and the D.O.P. work of *safesolvent (Martin Reisch). Check it out! The one-take, slow motion style of the video is awesome!

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Encore! Photo from Flicker, click for more.


Look what bookish love and interwebby nerdishness does: we’re now selling Carta Marina in the NDG ‘hood of Montreal! Drop by the friendly and eclectic shoppe Encore Books and Records when ya can, and pick up our beloved record. The address is 5670 Sherbrooke St. West, just a few minutes walk from Decarie Blvd. Encore has a great record collection, fabulous books, zines and chapbooks, fun window displays and a bunch of vintage sound system equipment (turn tables, speakers, etc) to browse through. Maybe head to Beau’s shop called Kavanaugh Vintage after? Yes, that’s a great idea.

Some other NDG faves:

Also, check out this recent Parlovr vid’ filmed in the Melrose pedestrian tunnel in NDG, whydontcha.

NW xo

...digital download card inside!

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CARAVAN at All Citizens in Bruno, SK!

As some of you know, we decided to create a wee zine about independent touring in Canada to sell during this June tour. Folks at the shows and fellow musicians have really been enjoying it and have made their own plans for new content to add to the next edition (best cheap breakfast spots in each city, that kind of thing!). We made the zine to share info and ideas about how to best tour without any presumption that we’re experts and totally in the attitude of sharing. Here’s what’s inside of it!

  • Why Tour?
  • How?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Get Organized
  • Promotion
  • Finances
  • Touring on the Cheap
  • Etiquette
  • Merchandise
  • Health
  • Driving
  • Crossing the Border
  • Recipes
  • Getting Support, Resources, maps and drive times….

As well as contributions from Maia Davies (Ladies of the Canyon), Akira Alemany (Modernboys Moderngirls), David Read (Vinyl Record Guru), Mike Rollo, Menno (Hollerado), Alex Cairncross, Sherwin Tjia, Tessa Smith (Brave Radar), Alex Cooper (Parlovr), Eric Y. Lapointe (formerly of Nightwood and Biffy Perdu), as well as many others and all of us in Nightwood.

  • Buy it here! (Allow 1-to-2 weeks for shipping puh-lease!).

Cover image by Sherwin Tjia

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Two items worth knowing about (file under Cool Friends)…

As y’all probably know, Jeremy is the drummer in Nightwood. He also plays in two other awesome bands. One is Parlovr, currently on tour in China and who are re-releasing their 2008 EP on Dine Alone Records. Cool, non? Check out their latest tour video ici and download their song Pen to the Paper on MYATS.

The other-other band Jeremy plays in is Cotton Mouth, which is fronted by Martin Horn (who produced our two recordings) and whose back-up band is Parlovr. Doubly cool. Cotton Mouth has recently self-released their latest E.P. and will be playing at this years Osheaga! Rejoice! UPDATE: You can download the Cotton Mouth EP right here.

  • Ref: a bit about cool.

"Jeremy, somewhere in Saskatchewan" by Alex Cairncross

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Deneuve & Dorleac

*From Hercole Bottigari, Il Desiderio or Concerning the Playing Together of Various Musical Instruments (1594).

So, a new book has been sourced from the font that is Encore Books and Records in the N.D.G. neighborhood of Montreal and it is called Women in Music: An Anthology of Source Readings from the Middle Ages to the Present, edited by Carol Neuls-Bates (1982). It’s a very cool selection of “firsthand accounts of women throughout history who have been composers, conductors and performers of music.” Très rad, plus it has pictures! In any case it is another source of inspiration for le songwriting.

Erin and Amber are working busily away at some tunes as our musical third, Jeremy, is away in France with that other band Parlovr. Check out their tour blog! While we write songs, we may be tempted to don 60’s La Nouvelle Vague apparel as well as reference the lovely sisters Catherine Deneuve and Francoise Dorleac.


Les Demoiselles de Rochefort

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1zofHey dudelers,

Our record is available at the Fixture Records table today at the Record Fair and Gear Swap. It’s also now for sale at Phonopolis! If you buy the rekkid at the fair, you’ll receive a free, shiny 3 inch button! If you buy our vinyl at either place, remember that each record includes a digital download card so that you can get the song mp3s for free.

Be sure to check out today’s basement shows (Parlovr, Vincat, The Luyas, Ryan power Sings Kareoke) at the record shop but get there early because the space is tres wee and limited.

For more buying-our-stuff details, please visit our SHOP.

Both photos taken by Erin on her iPhone!

Both photos taken by Erin on her iPhone!

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