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Martin Horn (Cotton Mouth) and Mikey Bwickers (Mixylodian/Asthma Camp) were righteous on today’s edition of The Montreal Sessions! The two collaborated on three cover tunes, executed with the help of a saxophone, some backing tracks, a pretty blue guitar and Martin’s pipes. Have a listen to their live set:

We interspersed the live tunes with some great conversation about making music in montreal, Martin’s recording studio Digital Bird Studios, touring, the lunar perigee and loads more, as well as listened to songs by Gobble Gobble, Purity Ring, Mixylodian, Sick Friend, Cotton Mouth and more. Have a listen right here (March 15th) for the whole show.

Thanks again to Mark and Joe of CKUT for teching the live set!

Tune in next week to catch Sick Friend!


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Photo by Mike Rollo

The third show of the March edition of the Montreal Sessions is today and the musician we’re hosting is none other than Martin Horn of Cotton Mouth! Martin will be playing his tunes with Mike from Mixylodian, which will surely be awesome. Tune into CKUT 90.3FM in Montreal between 3-5pm to listen to them play live, chat and help DJ tunes. If yer not in Montreal, listen along on-line by visiting ckut.ca.

  • Have a listen to Cotton Mouth on Band Camp!
  • Watch a snippet of cotton mouth’s set at Osheaga last summer:

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Dear everybody,

Happy holidays!

Erin and Amber made you something: a rockin’ holiday jam to sip hot toddies/mistletoe grind/knock back the egg nog to!  The tune was recorded over a couple of days at home and it’s called Santa Suit Tattoo (XMAS 4 EVA).

You can also find it here on a holiday on-line mixtape compiled by Feats of Strength, featuring holiday trax by a bunch of other musicians too (Mixylodian, Parlovr, Hamilton Trading Co., etc). Wanna share it with your buds? RSVP to the mixtape’s Facebook event!

Well, enjoy!  We wish you a happy NEW YEAR for 2011.


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by Matt Furie


by Matt Furie


Awesome animated video! Some fun facts about the Sledgehammer video (from wikipedia):

  • Gabriel lay under a sheet of glass for 16 hours while filming the video one frame at a time.
  • The portion of the song featuring the synthesized flute solo was realized in the video by first one and then two oven-ready chickens, headless and featherless, animated using stop-motion.
  • In 1987, it won nine MTV Video Music Awards, a record which still stands as of 2008.

Thanks for sharing Mike!



1985 The Goonies Dark Blue Ringer T-Shirt, to wear while watching old movies


Stuff to do on Friday the 13th:

“I consider all art to be political,” says Merrill Garbus. “The fact that I recorded an album all by myself is a feminist statement in this day and age, when most musicians I know, but especially female musicians, have a hard time seeing that they can be a recording artist by their own efforts. For men as well—you don’t have to have approval or a master hand over your creation, it’s yours and it can be all yours.”

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