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Two posters for this one…


We’re helping launch a beautiful magazine this Friday, so do come on out!

About the show:
Launch of Four Minutes to Midnight Issue 11: Happy Hour by FA Nettelbeck
Friday, April 22nd @ Cabaret Playhouse (5656 ave. du Parc)
Doors 9PM, $8 door/$15 with a copy of the issue

“…but what more could / you expect when you’re / the last of your kind / living amongst the / incompetent others / in the light they waste”

Four Minutes to Midnight is proud to announce the publication of its eleventh issue. The double issue features Happy Hour, the final collection of work by American poet FA Nettelbeck (1950-2011), lavishly illustrated by Montreal-based visual artist Sohie Jodoin, and Fugue XI, an epic typographic cut-up poem edited by John W. Stuart, Kevin Lo, Hillary Rexe and Sara McCulloch.


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We hope that the month of August finds you all well and that everyone is able to soak up as much daylight and fun as only late summer can afford! Here’s a bit of what we’re up to these days:

Amber’s been writing a whole bunch of poems/lyrics/diary entries since June. Erin has been working on some home recordings and writing of tunes. Jeremy has been researching drum and percussion sounds. We’re slowcooking some video and photo ideas with a little help from our friends. We’ve all moved into a new practice space which means we can practice more often and we’re planning another tour for this fall.  It’s fun: A sending words to E through the internet, E sending out some recordings, A & E meeting up in room with J to make something new and more awesome than the sum of its parts…exciting stuff, at least for us! We’re quite collaborative and it’s fun when we’re writing and the songs start to belong to everyone in the room, rather than an individual writer.

Busybusybusy, but at home more this month, since we’ve got all of our traveling (tour and otherwise) behind us and family and friends-focused time before us. Here’s to the domestic and the social in the last weeks of summer: eating home cooked food, watching movies, reading books, hanging out in parks, drinking in bars, petting the cats and dogs, all of it.

NW xo


Here are a coupla awesome events coming up that you should know about! We love the folks behind ’em, so we wanna spread the word here too.

Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks

Tribute to the Brilliant Career of Van Dyke Parks

For the Sake of the Songs tribute series (hosted by one half of the Four Minutes to Midnight crew) is excited to present a special show in conjunction with the Pop Montreal Festival dedicated to the work of music legend Van Dyke Parks.  The show will be divided between local performers and acts playing this year’s Pop festival.  Each act can play between 3-4 songs chosen on a first come first choice basis. They can select work from Van Dyke Park’s solo records as well as his intimidating list of collaborations. In the latter case we ask that acts try to highlight Van Dyke Park’s contribution. i.e. Integrating his string arrangements.  Performers should also note that there will be no drums at the performance due to the venue’s limitations, and to ease the transition between acts.

  • Call for Submissions! To perform send a note to sakeofthesongs@gmail.com,  with your song selection, your intended set up (try to keep it minimal since Cagibi is a small venue with a dubious sound system) , and a link to a band or myspace page. Click here for a discography of Van Dyke Parks and a list of his collaborations

…And check out this amazing promo video by Waahli of  Nomadic Massive, for their next show (August 21st, 2010, AT Bobards, 4328 Boulevard Saint Laurent, 9pm, 7$.). He is one talented gent:

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