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30 Helens agree: NW have faces for radio!

On our last show in the CKUT Montreal Sessions series we:

  • DJ-ed good music like The Luyas, Blue Hawaii, Delicate Steve, Mavo, Dirty Projectors, Deerhoof, Tomboyfriend, Rah Rah, Exuma, Sun City Girls, Chad¬†VanGaalen, Ludella Black, Bill Callahan, Little Scream and many more
  • Played three live tunes we recorded last weekend
  • Played three more tunes we recorded in late summer and fall, two of which had been previously unheard eva!

Thanks to AJ, Marc, Joe, Sarah and Kara at CKUT!

Check out the entire show right here courtesy of the CKUT archives: March 29th 2011.

Our live set, three really new tunes, Hills Are In Sight + Strange Dream + Grasslands:


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Girls "Lust for Life" video stills

Click on the photo above for the totally not-safe-for-work version of Girls‘ latest music video! Yes! We love indie smut and good music- such gorgeous bed fellows.


Like to share? Check out the upcoming Queer/Trans Play Party care of the Against the Wall collective!

It’s a masquerade party, so don’t forget your mask! More here, lovers.


Also, this is my vote for Sexiest Man Alive:  Sam Worthington! (Thanks E-R)! Or these guys. OK, or this guy.


More scandalous Sexy Thursdays are to be had in the future! A bit strapped for time today- check out our Twitter feed for updates.



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