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Poster by Charlie Neufeld!

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What's going on here?

What's going on here?

Some news, chickens.

Carta Marina, our beloved album, is now available at Cheap Thrills (2044 Rue Metcalfe) and Sound Central (4486 Avenue Coloniale) here in Montreal. It is also available at Phonopolis (5403A Avenue Du Parc), as reported earlier! You can also order it from us directly using Indyish or Etsy or buy it digitially with iTunes. As always, this info can be found on our Recordings page.


There are two very lovely and talented bands coming into town tonight to play with our own dear band at Casa del Popolo. Now, I know Monday is not a traditional show-going evening, but when have you ever let tradition stop you? Fuck it. Come on out and be with us.

One band is called Rah Rah (Regina, SK) and they are definitely on the short-list for Next Big Thing. This is awkward to articulate, but they kind of sound like the progeny of Wilco and Arcade Fire raised at the most fun house parties after having been nursed to Neil Young. Or by Neil Young.

The other band, The Balconies (Toronto, ON), is this lovely trio consisting of a brother, a sister and a lover. The harmonies are sparkling, the guitar is refreshingly just right and the bass is the perfect kind of gently funky. These are songs you won’t want to get rid of when they get stuck in your head. Also, they put on a fucking great live show!

Now, we come to our band, Nightwood. We melt faces. If you’re reading this, it means that either you might not have been at our record launch a few weeks ago or that you are due for a second facemelting. Sorry, but someone had to say something.

The whole thing starts at 9pm and is five dollars. That’s, like, nothing. Maybe five Coffee Crisps. Invite your friends to go with you if you think world peace would be a good thing.

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nw casa 02WEB

Poster by Conor Prendergast

So, we’re playing two shows this weekend, which is good news if you missed our record launch at Pop Montreal!

We’re excited about both! Here’s some more info:


About this Monday show…we all know and are happy that Casa is wonderful and open again and you don’t have to order food to buy drinks anymore and we can celebrate the harvest together and kick at piles of leaves as we trek to and from the show as an added bonus. Hell, maybe we can drink out of a cornucopia too. In closing, we’d like to add that these out-of-towners are truly wonderful and that this evening will be a complete pleasure to be part of.

…and if you missed the Nightwood record launch, you should come pick up a copy of the rekkid at this foine show!

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