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Phog pholks stickered the tour poster with 'Phoutine' propaganda (Windsor, ON)

We had such an amazing time in Ontario this past week! Thanks to all of you who came out, rocked out, hung out, sent us sweet e-mail messages, housed us, shared breakfasts and beers, and bought records and zines. We love you! We played with awesome bands and re-visisted great towns. We’ll be back soon. In the meantime, please feel free to take advantage of our new e-newsletter feature; click on this link to sign-up for information about future tours and projects. We’ll have exciting news to share in the new year!

NW xo

Port Bruce, Ontario, just south of London and Call the Office, where we stay when we're in that part of the world. Thanks Erin and Andy!

Spotted on the road (and one of the few photos we took on this trip): Truck Nuts.

Truck nuts, sideview.


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All photos by Mike Rollo.

Millard's Garage - Sudbury, ON

Music Trader - Winninpeg, ON

Rock box night at the Windsor Hotel - Winnipeg, MB

Rock box night at the Windsor Hotel - Winnipeg, MB

Rock box night at the Windsor Hotel - Winnipeg, MB

The Lo Pub - Winnipeg, MB

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Kelowna, BC

Gobble Gobble - Kelowna, BC

Gobble Gobble - Kelowna, BC

All Citizens - Bruno, SK

Busting out of jail - Bruno, SK

We are renewable energy: just photos for now, we are a bit under the weather / exhausted! Tour videos and links to photos on other people’s blogs from the shows, real soon, OK?

PS: We’re recording a new song this weekend. What? Yes!

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Photo from Light & Time - click for more!

Thanks to everyone who came out to our homecoming show last night! It was a total blast- thanks to Mavo and Sandman Viper Command for the excellent music, to Conor Prendergast for the sweet show poster and to¬†L’Esco for being so much damn fun.

We’ll be posting up one last tour diary in the next couple of days that’ll be chock full of photos and words, so do check back soon!

NW xo

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Photo by Mike Rollo

Photo by Mike Rollo

Photo by Mike Rollo

Photo by Mike Rollo

Photo by Mike Rollo

Getting closer to home: THUNDER BAY > WINDSOR > TORONTO > KINGSTON

On the way back to Montreal we are humbled by 14 hour driving days yet feel strangely that the country is too small, the trip too short- we may need to go to the Maritimes soon to get the rest of fill of the place.

We take things in small draughts: Throat Coat tea from a thermos cap, poems from a book of poetry, flip though magazines donated half-way through the trip (Rolling Stone mags from the early 90s plus some Martha Stewart for Amber). Jeremy reads Cormac McCarthy and prepares for the NHL draft. We sleep in a motel one evening and watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report…and this crazy video of a giant spider crab sloughing it’s old skin.

Bill Callahan sings to us in Northern Ontario where there are few rest stops and no wireless service, “Can I borrow your machete?” We fill the tyres with air. Wonder if we could write and remember lyrics for songs as long as the ones Bob Dylan writes. We start writing such a song during the drive.

We’ve been writing a lot about traveling across the country, but we haven’t said much about the shows! They’re fabulous- lovely people everywhere and everyone rocking out joyfully to the songs and hugging us afterward despite sweaty-ness. Erin and Amber dress up before becoming joyfully disheveled on stage. Tom Petty plays a lot of the cities we’re in. Shoulda let that guy join the bills, seems nice. Too late now! There are fun show reviews and photos- we’ll post them in the coming days.

The weather and geology is nuts: Tornado warnings in Windsor, earthquakes close by to the touring cites. The G20 preparations in Tronna mean lots of re-routing and a huge cop presence in that city. Sweet camaraderie between us and musicians in Thunder Bay and Toronto, where they house and feed us (thanks Sean and Brad!). We continue to collect more vinyl and CDs from record shops and the bands we play with and trade for a graphic novel in Toronto (Sword of My Mouth by Jim Munroe and Shannon Gerard). No time for vintage clothing shopping though! However, there is always time for frisbee, which we play in fields and parking lots.

We watch Get Him To The Greek in a Kingston-ian suburb (Jeremy decides to read and consume an excessive amount of caffeine instead). Amber generally eats a lot of crazy stuff- The Phonion at Phog in Windsor (an onion ring poutine) and Pirogi Fries in Thunder Bay (fries with pirogi toppings!). She eats an entire plate of shrimp linguine and then helps Erin finish her supper. This results in crazy stomach pains throughout the overnight drive back to Montreal. Worth it though. Lucky for us, we’ve eaten very little fast food on this trip, mainly thanks to family and friends spread out across the provinces and trips to Safeway.

More soon, chickadees. Show in Montreal tonight!


Mmmm...perogi fries!

Sweetgrass hanging from the rearview mirror.

GPS unit is supplemented by the not-pictured atlas and iPhone!

Phoutine in Windsor at The Phog Lounge!


Broken string means a borrowed Fender and the use of a stool as the strap is too long and another can't be used. Thankfully the last song! Thanks Welsh Cinema!

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Poster by Conor Prendergast

This is gonna be an excellent and ridiculous time. Come count our mosquito bites! Trace the lines around our eyes! Gawk at our exhausted happiness! With the ever awesome Mavo and Burlington/Toronto’s Sandman Viper Command! Facebook event is right here.

More tour diary stuff coming soon. Tonight we play Phog in Windsor with The Locusts Have No King (Windsor’s own) and Welsh Cinema (NFLD)!

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Pretty pretty!

Still life with Jeremy + coffee + paper

Workin' for the rock n roll man!

Sexy shoes live at Nightwood shows

Brekkies at Black Sheep (Winnipeg)


Bruno, SK! All Citizens!

Peace and Quiet

Free Imax!


Once again, photos from our fabulous driver-cum-merchman-cum-photographer, Mike, will arrive shortly after we return to la belle ville! In the meantime enjoy the snapshots, y’all.

Listening to mix CDs mailed to us on the road. Karen Dalton and Exuma sing us back eastward, out into the openness.

Sometimes the fatigue is tangible. One day, the rain and the wind rock our van of sleepy musicians and Amber wakes up in time to do a phone interview with an incredibly genuine radio host named Adam.

Other times, we bark with laughter and tell dirty jokes. We zoom past a sign for Last Mountain Lake. A braid of sweetgrass, a gift, hangs from the rearview mirror. We sip homemade cherry vodka liqueur cut with soda. Mike, our driver, noshes on Spitz-brand sunflower seeds.

We’re tired, so keywords for now:

ST-ALBERT: Church basement, bumping into friends, 14 hour drive which is why we’re we’re having trouble recalling much more at this moment! Lovely people everywhere, Doug Hoyer, for example, a right storyteller, post-show Steel Wheels Pizza + green onion cakes!

CALGARY: Stage banter/heckling includes: “Amber is friend to no one” and “ye-yah!!” to everything, magic breath magic tricks, vegan banana bread & cashew butter + amazing free food, Broken City…waking up on a beautiful ranch in a valley next to a river in a farm community 2o minutes out of the city- the real magic trick!

REGINA: separate rooms and beds!, ginormous pizza to-go, family and friends and all of Regina’s youth having a dance party! Ohanlons treat us well and we love them!

BRUNO: ultimate frisbee, Rough Riders earrings, the most friendly people in the country! We walk the dog and stalk the cat, hoping for love. We get none. She is old enough to afford to be more choosy. We drop of some of our zines and CDs and admire the recordings and archived tour posters of our comrades.

WINNIPEG: Rad peeps including Eugene, Atom, Aaron, Jonah, The Bokononists, Sit Down Tracy. We watch a free screening of Whales and Dolphins in Imax THREE-DEEEEEEE! Pick up free records with store credit from Music Trader (Jeremy- Coltrane, Amber – The Besnard Lakes, Erin- Dirty Projectors). We spend a day in downtown Winnipeg the day after the Lo Pub show. The crowd that night somehow resembled the youth of Liverpool, England with beehive-ish blowouts and hip oufits. That and Dinosaur Jr. band members and Russel Brand. Amazing! We have a Sunday dinner with family and then play Wii (Amber wiggles out of that particular indiginity with barely a scratch). Fireflies are in abundance in the yard.

We are sad that there is only one week left in the tour but we will be happy to return home on the 26th (show that night at l’Esco). We’ve gotten used to the nomadic life, stick together in the strange towns and find new homes wherever we can.

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CARAVAN at All Citizens in Bruno, SK!

As some of you know, we decided to create a wee zine about independent touring in Canada to sell during this June tour. Folks at the shows and fellow musicians have really been enjoying it and have made their own plans for new content to add to the next edition (best cheap breakfast spots in each city, that kind of thing!). We made the zine to share info and ideas about how to best tour without any presumption that we’re experts and totally in the attitude of sharing. Here’s what’s inside of it!

  • Why Tour?
  • How?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Get Organized
  • Promotion
  • Finances
  • Touring on the Cheap
  • Etiquette
  • Merchandise
  • Health
  • Driving
  • Crossing the Border
  • Recipes
  • Getting Support, Resources, maps and drive times….

As well as contributions from Maia Davies (Ladies of the Canyon), Akira Alemany (Modernboys Moderngirls), David Read (Vinyl Record Guru), Mike Rollo, Menno (Hollerado), Alex Cairncross, Sherwin Tjia, Tessa Smith (Brave Radar), Alex Cooper (Parlovr), Eric Y. Lapointe (formerly of Nightwood and Biffy Perdu), as well as many others and all of us in Nightwood.

  • Buy it here! (Allow 1-to-2 weeks for shipping puh-lease!).

Cover image by Sherwin Tjia

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