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Check out this amazingly sweet and soulful review of our Toronto show last week on Guttersnipe. Thanks!


In other news, Amber is having one of her Super 8 films shown tonight in Montreal. More details right over here!

Old photo of Amber from when she was in film school!


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I don't know, what are you gonna wear? (click for source)

OK, we missed the International Women’s Day festivities on Monday due to work and watching the Oscars on Tivo. However, it’s Int’l Women’s Day every day on this here blog, n’est ce pas?

Here in Montreal there is a very cool festival going on called Radical Queer Semaine which you mustmustmust check out! We are especially keen on checking out the “soirée perfo queer” this Thursday evening called STALLE featuring performances by our friends Nikki MacMillan and Jordan Arsenault.

In Nightwood news, we’re booking a cross country tour and are basking in the glow of some sweet showreviews. How are you?

NW xo

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Photo by Amber Ann Dawkins for Guttersnipe

Two things to share today with y’all! First is a fine set of photos by Amber Ann Dawkins for the west coast-based entertainment magazine called Guttersnipe. Enjoy! The pics were snapped at our January show at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern.

The other bit of nice for ya is this album review over on Quick Before It Melts, another web-based magazine, this time out of the Niagara region of Ontario. Here’s an excerpt:

  • “The first few times through, I didn’t have the benefit of track names, but once I did some digging around I could put a name to the songs that drew me in, like “Johnny” (track 3), that reminded me of a scrappier, punkier Throwing Muses.  Their songs are airtight and, like the sweetly swaggering “Sunken Mountains” (track 4) proves, they’re no one-trick pony.  You’d do yourself a great injustice be just listening to one or two tracks before making up your mind about Nightwood, because just when you think you have them figured out, the next song comes on and it’s not what you expected to hear.  The influences may be of a DIY punk stripe, but these influences cross and intersect like lines in a madras shirt rather than a woolly checkered plaid.” (More here)

We’ve also recently completed an interview for QBiM, so do keep your eyes peeled for that as well.

Happy Wednesday!

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Amber and Erin join MBMG on stage for a tune. Photo by Laura-Chanel-Lespérance (MYATS).

They stood begging to be the first to make the voyage over.
Their hands outstretched in yearning for the farther shore.

Virgil (thanks smut-to-go)

Ontario: we are returning for two nights! Thursday Feb. 4th finds us in Kingston and Feb. 5th will be Peterborough. Woot! Quebec: we’re figuring it out. Give us time.

While you wait, do check out some live video of our stripped down set for Bands Undone (be sure to check out the audio interview on that blog as well).

Also, do peep this lovely show review on The Singing Lamb (thanks to the fab’ writers over there!). Here’s an excerpt:

  • “Well, the band successfully took the record to the next level on that stage Thursday night. Sporting an amazing silver guitar that strangely suited her despite the obvious Metal Head feel of it, Erin Ross seemed to be at home in front of a crowd. Singer/guitarist Amber Goodwyn’s voice shocked and left me with my mouth gaping, as if I couldn’t believe such a powerful, angry and raw voice could come out of such a tiny ribcage. They began their set effectively with the first song on Carta Marina, “Heavy Magic Is Coming”. The steady guitar riff set the tone for the evening, all mysterious and heavy. The voice harmonies kicked in and I was left to wonder “where are the fog machines!” (Read more)

And here’s another excerpt of a sweet show review from the awesome folks over at Meet You At the Show:

  • “Starting with “Heavy Magic is Coming,” the band started slow before letting the guitars rip.  For live performances, this band scored big points and made a great first impression, as they brought an intense energy to the stage…” (Read more)

Nightwood at Bands Undone (at the Canteen in Ottawa)

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Cotton Mouth, photo by Allison Staton

Cotton Mouth, photo by Allison Staton

If Cotton Mouth were a ship, Martin Horn would be its captain, standing resolutely in the bow, eyes on the horizon, while the sailors busied themselves on deck. In all truth, this will be a biased show review; Martin is an old friend and musical collaborator and is helping to record Nightwood’s next record (he also recorded our E.P.). In addition, Jeremy also drums in Cotton Mouth. None of this detracts from the fact that Cotton Mouth’s first show last Sunday was a great one.

Martin is a wonderful songwriter and his lyrics are romantic; the metaphors are opaque but still manage to make one feel stripped bare. Often the sparely sung lyrics sound like directives from one half asleep lover to another. The other gents of Cotton Mouth are actually all three members of Parlovr, the backing band if you will, and couldn’t be better suited for these songs. They lend the tunes a certain confidence and awesomeness that I couldn’t imagine any other three people bestowing. Jeremy laid down his trademark beats that were solid and kept the songs urgent. Louis diddled the black bass-synth-thing, leaning in close enough to kiss the keys, and the multitalented Alex played a rhythm guitar of sorts as well as some keys and vocals here and there. Martin’s clean cut appearance made me think of David Byrne, except without all of the nuttiness. Cotton Mouth were fun to watch without being overly bombastic. Martin’s reserved yet confident central stance and matter-of-factly delivered lines and guitar/piano riffs were offset by the other three gently boogeying in the background. It was wonderful to have been there to watch an old friend deliver songs in the way they were meant to be performed; with clarity and lots of heart.

You can check out the Dishwasher/Cotton Mouth split e.p. here.

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Check out Sarah’s somewhat pervy review of the Julie Doiron show on the Lickety Split smut zine blog!

“It’s happened more than once that I’ll be getting out of the pool at the YMCA and I see this really beautiful woman in her red sport swim suit and I’m admiring the curve of her bum and then I suddenly realize it’s Julie Doiron.”

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