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Lady Gaga

The interweb forecast for this week is sex-positive, with a light sprinkling of kink. Pull on your rubbers! We have some local and not-so-local friendly website skies to tell you about.

Firstly: Tonight you should tune into CKUT 90.3FM or ckut.ca to listen to Audio Smut‘s show on Femme. The show will air from 6-7pm!

One of the lovely and smutty co-hosts is Jess, who co-authors the completely awesome new sex blog Atomic Sex, which you should check out immediately! She and her bud Tanya say that:

  • “Atomic Sex is a biliterate blog dedicated to the explosive sides of sex. In the age of the internet, new media, rapid technological advances and gadgets we ask how pornography, dating, desire, human bodies and sex itself are transforming?”

Another Montreal-based good time on the internet is the Lickety Split smut zine blog, which is the on-line presence for the zine of the same name.  In 2008 Lickety Split won the Expozine Best (English)  Zine award and a spot on the Montreal Mirror Best of Montreal!

Wanna get some sex-ed on the regular? Check out The Sense Project website where you can get some hot tips and youth-friendly, queer-friendly sexual health advice. The site and project is run by the youth organization Head & Hands (which is righteous).

Finally, we’d like to give a wee shout out to a little known artist who goes by the name Lady Gaga. She recently launched a safer sex campaign and is conscientious enough to use words like “negotiation” and “consent” when speaking about it. More about her efforts right here. Be sure to also check out her line of designer condoms while yer at it.


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Today is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers! If you’re in Montreal, join the masses by taking part in The Red Umbrella March! Bring a red umbrella (if you have one), the cuntiest pair of heels you own and your fabulous self. This years march is especially important as there has been a considerable rise in the amount of violence against sex workers in Montreal. We rely largely on the support of allies so please, please, please come!!!


  • December 17th is the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers. This event was created to call attention to hate crimes committed against sex workers all over the globe. The International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers has empowered workers from various cities around the world to come together and mobilize against violence and discrimination and to remember those we have lost to violence.

    The assault, battery, rape and murder of sex workers must end. Existing laws do not protect sex workers, violence is perpetuated by the the criminalization of our work Stigma and discrimination against sex workers has led to the societal acceptance of the violence we experience. Stella is organizing The Red Umbrella March to bring attention to this important day. Please join us and sex workers around the world to make a stand against criminalization and violence committed against sex workers.

    4pm The Red Umbrella March begins at Papineau metro.
    6pm Discussion Panel on violence against sex workers at Café Cleopatra.



Flyer by Amber and Malena Szlam, little girl in the pic is/was Erin!

Check out some sweet experimental film this evening! Amber’s a part of the Double Negative Collective and they’re presenting the program at Cinéma Parallèle (3536 Boul. St-Laurent, Montreal, QC) this evening at 9:30pm.

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Video still from the Flaming Lips music video 'Watching The Planets'

Watch it on NME to see what Wayne Coyne looks like nekkid! “It’s naked bodies galore as everyone bares all to run, cycle and chant around the forest in Flaming Lips’ excellent new video to ‘Watching The Planets’.” My favorite part is the big furry ball with some kind of fleshy opening.


Midge © Allyson Mitchell, 2006

In term of big furriness, check out Allyson Mitchell’s Lady Sasquatch series. Allyson is a self-described “maximalist artist working predominantly in sculpture, installation and film”.

It Ain't Gonna Lick Itself © Allyson Mitchell, 2005


Ducky Doolittle

If you live in Toronto, you are lucky to have regular access to the Come As You Are workshops going on at the awesome sex toy boutique and bookstore (Montreal lost it’s short-lived version, Venez Tels Quels a few years ago). Check out the Creative Sex workshop offered by Ducky Doolittle, author of the book Sex With The Lights On.

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Megapuss' risqué album art- the censored version (click for more)

In creating this new Sexy Thursdays series, I had an uncharacteristic bout of prudishness when I almost considered attaching “NSFW” to these posts. I quickly remembered my roots and rallied against this weirdo inclination.

My hero, Susie Bright, on this increasingly-more popular warning on websites in a blog entry entitled “This post is NSFP: This post is not safe for prudes“:

  • “NSFW is unmandated, unlegislated censorship — there’s no ballot to punch, no senator to harangue. The great majority of NSFW warnings are the result of unconscious class bias, with the conceit of American ethnocentrism. It’s made a mockery of out of journalism and the First Amendment. NSFW and its slippery slope of “assumptions” leads to stories and ideas of all kinds being banned, firewalled, off the grid in places from universities to major wire services. Let’s change our own responses…(Read More)”


Montreal’s red light district is in danger! If you haven’t heard the terrible news, what’s going on is that the city is demolishing this unique Canadian Heritage Site on St. Laurent and St. Catherine streets in order to build an office building. Boo! Hiss! To get the low-down, check out Save the Main. Or listen to this appeal by local burlesque troupe, The Dead Doll Dancers:


This Friday:


Friday, November 13, 2009 at 10:00pm
5656 avenue du parc





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Girls "Lust for Life" video stills

Click on the photo above for the totally not-safe-for-work version of Girls‘ latest music video! Yes! We love indie smut and good music- such gorgeous bed fellows.


Like to share? Check out the upcoming Queer/Trans Play Party care of the Against the Wall collective!

It’s a masquerade party, so don’t forget your mask! More here, lovers.


Also, this is my vote for Sexiest Man Alive:  Sam Worthington! (Thanks E-R)! Or these guys. OK, or this guy.


More scandalous Sexy Thursdays are to be had in the future! A bit strapped for time today- check out our Twitter feed for updates.



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