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Cobra & Vulture

Friends, we are pleased to present our band. We still love Nightwood, but that is now a band from before, and here is Cobra & Vulture: New name + EP + videos.


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Tessa models Lalouka summer threads designed by Lara Kaluza!

Hey. Hey. We know it’s hot. So this is Nightwood’s own public service announcement about how to stay cool in the Montreal heat. Sorta. Indie music lovers need as much cool down pointers as elderly folk, else they waste away from a combination of too many beers, popsicles and, oh yes, iced coffee (we’re looking at the FIFA-loving-cafe-dwelling-creatures-in-the-nothernly-lands-of-the-Mile-End). This advice works for other sweltering cities too, plus most of our recommendations are cheap/free!

Swim for free in the river in Verdun! There are two “docks” from which to swim plus a sizable pool complex designed in the thirties called the Natatorium ($2 entry or free with a Montreal Access Card). Chain up your bikes and take the metro deep down in the earth to get some extra cooling action (metro Verdun on the green line). To reach the docks, go to the river front park on Lasalle Blvd and walk west past the two huge apartment buildings; there’s one soon after them and then another quite close to the Natatorium. Note: as of today the City of Montreal have extended pool hours as a measure to deal with the heat wave.

Close your curtains but keep your windows open during the day. This blocks the sun but allows the air to circulate!

Make some lemon mint water and the drink tons of it. Fill a pitcher with cold water, slice up a lemon (a half or whole will do) and throw the slices in- no need to squeeze ’em, and then wash a good handful of mint and toss it in too (stems and all). Keep this in your fridge and the flavors will slowly infuse and then, not to exaggerate, you’ll have the most refreshing tasting water known to humans anywhere in the whole world.

Go to the Dollar Cinema or your local grocery store for some air-con.

Invest in a fan, much cheaper than AC. Pick up a hand fan too plus maybe one of those dollar store spritzer bottles to spritz yourself (try adding a cooling essential oil to the water, just three drops).

Other stuff: try sitting with your feet in a bowl of water when you feel super over heated. Some of our buds like to rest ice packs on their belly or wherever during heat waves. Be mindful of the sun- not too much time in the rays, especially during the middle of the day. If you do plan to get some sun, wear an awesome (straw?) hat, sunblock and shades. Loose clothing is good, too.

Denim Mini Dress with Floral Panelling

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Soilent green?

This looks ultra-violent to Mama Nature, however, we’re pretty sure it’s part of the waterfront park maintenance in our Verdun neighbourhood, here in Montreal. Our hypothesis is that they’ve marked this tree with green paint for clean-up because it was chomped down by a beaver. Rad looking, non? The Verdun shoreline park is called Des Rapides. The park’s featured bird is the Great Blue Heron, which is pretty great, majestic even, especially in a city setting.

Amber and Erin live on the south-western edge on this island city called Montreal and have the privilege of peeping all kinds of water fowl and greenery that exist on its fringes. The long park along the Verdun waterfront is an excellent spot for summer picnics and drinking as well as music video shooting (more about this in the future!).

Verdun is a traditionally working class part of Montreal and it’s somewhat separated from the rest of the city due to two human-made water systems: the Lachine Canal and the Aqueduc. It’s a dry neighborhood (so no bars) however many peeps choose to indulge out of doors, in the parks and what have you. This does lead to some littering and damage to the land, but not as much as you’d think.  Everyone is fairly respectful.

Anyhow, do you care about Earth Day?

A video that shows Verdun from a crazy angle:

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Image by Jen Mussari, originally featured on Jezebel.com

New fave blog a l’allure garçonnière posted this amazing article:

in repsonse to this one on Jezebel.com:

Effing awesome! Read all about it! Here is Julia’s (from a l’allure garçonnière) recommended reading and viewing:

UPDATE:  Jess also just let us know that this issue has arisen on Bitch Magazine’s website, care of none other than Jessica Yee. Check it:

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From Amber: In the interest of doing the right thing, I wanted to share a bit with y’all about a very cool program at Head & Hands, where I work, called the Young Parents Program. The program is all about breaking isolation and stigma that surrounds people who have children early in their lives and encourages solidarity and support between young parents. The program happens twice a week, has childcare workers on site, provides a hot lunch as well as a ton of cool workshops and discussions for the parents. The video above is the result of one such workshop/ art project in collaboration with local artists (apathy is boring, y’all!). If you have a moment and a bit of cash you’re looking to donate, why not donate to the YPP?

Some more info:

  • The Young Parents Program is a place for parents or pregnant women under the age of 25 to meet and connect with other parents in a friendly, casual, and inviting atmosphere.
  • Parents not only get to unwind, but they can share their hopes, fears, and problems with like-minded people in similar situations.
  • Parents are offered a wide array of activities to participate in such as art therapy, dance, and cooking. Snacks and lunch are also prepared for everyone.
  • Workshops exploring parenting issues, health, wellbeing, and other related topics are held free of charge.
  • On the last Friday of every month there is access to free furniture, toys, and clothing. Two bus tickets are given out to each parent at the end of every session.


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Photo by Marilis Cardinal

Hey friendlies!

Nightwood are the newest artists to become part of Apathy is Boring: check it out! A is B is “a national non-partisan project. Our mission is to use art & technology to educate youth about democracy.” Our buds Nomadic Massive have a profile on there and so do other Montrealers like The Unsettlers and Adam and the Amethysts.

Here’s a bit more about the Apathy is boring Music & Media project:

  • “The A is B staff are huge supporters of the Canadian music scene and every month we introduce you to musicians and bands that are not only making great music but also contributing to their communities. Take a look at what they have to say about art, democracy, and their tips on what you can do to make a difference.”

Here’s a sample of what we’ve included in our profile interview:

  • “Here are some issues that are especially close to our hearts: we are invested in exposing and eliminating police brutality and racial profiling, especially with regards to youth. We advocate for sex-positive expression. We support the struggle against gender-based oppression and support the transgendered communities who are looking for safe and affordable access to healthcare. Nightwood believes that a non-judgemental and risk-reduction approach to intervention, in any community, is important.”


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