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America in Colour from 1939-1943, via Lalouka

OK, so the offer to download our latest tune Carve a path like a valley through the land for free has expired. Thanks to MeetYouAtTheShow for hosting the song this past week! Thanks also to all the bloggers for the love they’ve shown us these past seven days. Y’all are amazing. Ottawa + Toronto: you folks are amazing too, so much fun to hang out again this weekend- thanks for coming to the shows!


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  • Download our new song Carve a path like a valley through the land for free over on Meet You At The Show – up for one week only. After this week, the track will be available for sale on iTunes and for listening on our myspace and the like.

In July, we met with our friend/producer Martin Horn (of Digital Bird Studios and the band Cotton Mouth) to record a new song called Carve a path like a valley through the land. This was a bit of a departure for us because when we were last in studio, we put together our beloved Carta Marina, which we loved so much as an album (and a concept album at that) that we decided to get romantic and press it on vinyl immediately. With this new song, we’ve still got that loving feeling, we just wanna let this beautiful beast out of the corral right away.

Carve a path like a valley through the land is different than the ocean-themed songs on Carta Marina. At the risk of sounding a bit flakey, we might suggest that it’s a song about going back to the (is)land/evolution/forgiveness/secular pilgrimages/neighbourhood tourism/putting down roots/putting your root down/dancing/anti-colonial re-visioning of Canada/the prairies/the flatlands/the endless encircling horizon…uh, that sort of thing. We hope it’s also:

a) “A hot summer jam” to rival Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.”
b) Gonna bring back the covered wagon
c) Will make ears everywhere happier

So yeah. Let us know how that all works out for you, OK? This here is a dialogue, sort of.

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